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Ride every km of the 3 Grand Tours:
"Because even a woman can do it!"

        COVID-19 (January 2021): I always have "Yes, I can!" in my head. Unfortunately I will realize it when the situation linked to the Coronavirus will allow me. As usual, I already have other projects in mind: I will publish them shortly before making them, as the rules change almost weekly.. Stay Tuned!

After achieving excellent results in the ultracycling discipline, I need other challenges and since the professional women do not have the 3 Grand Tours (Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and La Vuelta) as their male colleagues, but a very short version of the Italian stage race (10 days) and a single day of competition in France and in Spain, I said to myself: "Why not ride all the 3 Grand Tours a day earlier of the pros?".


  • Total distance: 10'295 km

  • Number of countries covered by the project: 7:

- Giro d'Italia: Hungary, Italy

- Tour de France: France

- La Vuelta: Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal​

  • I ride 1 day* ahead of the male pro peleton.

  • Live Tracking (Telegram Channel + Group). The channel is accessible even without a Telegram account - click here.



  • Challenge myself.

  • Fight women stereotypes and inequality.

  • Inspire other women to push beyond what they, or others, think are their boundaries.




UPDATE (07.2020): Since in theory I would have already finished the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France, and living in Switzerland I don't undergo a severe lockdown as in other countries and therefore I was able to train regularly but according to the rules that were in force, I have decided to fill the summer gap by riding the Tour de Suisse 2020 which didn't take place this year. I couldn't do it the day before the official dates, because some passes were still closed due to the snow.  


       - Stage 1 (15.07):

         Frauenfeld - Frauenfeld (10,9 km, 45 m)

       - Stage 2 (16.07):

         Neuhausen am Rheinfall - Lachen (179 km, 2'352 m)

       - Stage 3 (17.07):

         Lachen - Pfaffnau (186,7 km, 2'490 m)

       - Stage 4 (18.07):

         St. Urban - Moudon (180,6 km, 2'110 m)

       - Stage 5 (19.07):

         Moudon - Leukerbad (205,1 km, 3'364 m)

       - Stage 6 (20.07):

         Fiesch - Disentis-Sedrun (162,1 km, 3'724 m)

       - Stage 7 (21.07):

         Disentis-Sedrun - Andermatt (23,2 km, 656 m)

       - Stage 8 (22.07):

          Andermatt - Andermatt (118,4 km, 3'608 m)

For logistical reasons (transfer to Budapest and lack of flights to Sicily), I will start the Giro d’Italia 2 days earlier in Hungary.

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